Friday, April 19, 2013

Why Should You Choose a Soy Candle from The Prismatic Peacock?

What is soy wax?

Soy wax is a natural vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans.  After harvesting, the beans are cleaned, cracked, de-hulled, and rolled into flakes.  Then the oil is extracted from the flakes and hydrogenated.  This process converts some of the fatty acids in the oil from unsaturated to saturated.  The hydrogenation process dramatically alters the melting point of the oil, making it a solid at room temperature.

What are the benefits of using soy wax candles?

Soy wax is vegetable based, non-toxic, and is made from renewable resources.  It is biodegradeable and eco-friendly.  Soy wax contains no carcinogens and produces very little soot.  The soybeans used to make it are grown and produced in the United States, primarily in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana, so using this wax helps to support American farmers.  Soy candles burn cleaner at a lower temperature and are consumable.  This means that you get to use the entire candle!  Soy candles hold scent well, release the fragrance slowly, and are very long-lasting.  A well-made soy candle lasts about twice as long as a parraffin candle of the same size.  Another benefit is that any spilled soy wax is easily cleaned up with a little soap and warm water.

What are phthalates and why should I avoid them?

Phthalates (pronounced "thah-lates"), or phthalate esters, are esters of phthalic acid and are mainly used as plasticizers to soften plastics and make them flexible.  However, they are also found in a wide variety of products from children's toys to electronics to household products and other items made of vinyl or PVC.  In fragrances and cosmetic products they are used to stabilize the fragrance, increase spreadability, and enhance absorption.  No conclusive human studies have been completed, but evidence is building linking phthalates to adverse health effects such as reproductive and developmental problems, respiratory impairment, and other harmful effects on organs.  Current studies are looking into the relationship between phthalates and asthma, timing of puberty, and cancer risks.  Currently, there are no labeling requirements in the United States for phthalates specifically.  If you would like to avoid using products containing phthalates, you need to contact the manufacturer directly.

Why should I choose a soy candle from The Prismatic Peacock?

The Prismatic Peacock uses only all natural Golden Brands 100% soy wax in all of our candles and melting tarts.  It is vegetable based, made from renewable resources, and is produced by American farmers.  This wax is non-toxic, contains no carcinogens, and is biodegradeable.  Our soy candles burn cleaner at a lower temperature and produce very little soot.  They are also consumable, so you get your money's worth and are able to enjoy the entire candle.  We also use only all cotton, lead-free wicks.  All of The Prismatic Peacock's fragrance oils are phthalate free.  Our suppliers package them in phthalate free, recyclable bottles.  They are manufactured in the United Sates, never undergo any animal testing, and are 100% concentrated.

All of The Prismatic Peacock's products are made by hand in small batches using high quality ingredients.  Our soy candles are the result of years of research and experimentation.  They are made by Owner/Artisan Jessica G. Croft in her kitchen in Cocoa, Florida and are truly a labor of love.  High quality, eco-friendly ingredients, brilliant colors, and aromatic fragrances combine with artisan knowledge and are infused with love to create a beautiful end result product.  When you choose a soy candle from The Prismatic Peacock, you can breathe easy knowing that you are making a good choice for your family, your home, and the environment.  The question becomes why would you not choose a soy candle from The Prismatic Peacock?!

Please visit our Etsy shop, website, or Facebook business page to shop online.  The Prismatic Peacock's product line currently includes soy candles and melting tarts, natural soaps, aroma bead sachets, air fresheners, and more.  Custom items are available upon request.     


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  3. I enjoyed reading your article. I want to add, a great resource I found for phthalate free fragrances is Nature's Garden candle supplies.

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